Thursday, March 5, 2009

Announcing ... THE BOOS Series II

Fuboo and Moobu, sister and brother, are both graduates of the Hallmark Cards School of Too Cute Animals. Here, they are showing their stuff on the stage of our cook, Tiruvannamalai Kuttiamma. They were found diving enthusiastically into a canal opposite our office. First, Moobu disappeared into the dank water, then Fuboo dashed across the road and trustingly plopped in right behind her brother, both landing on clumps of water grass. I leaned over and grabbed one but had to harangue an indifferent bystander to give a hand and scoop up the other. Since, designwise, they were off the same drawing board as our Tuboo and Soobu, their names followed suite. Their personalities are very different from T&S, both being wise-looking beyond their years (seen in a certain light) and unwarrantedly affectionate. They are also known as the "Swirlytails" due to a lot of tail-tip waving held high when they are pleased.