Saturday, October 17, 2009


is so young and so small, yet the personality is out there. No time for cuddling with people when the other cats are so interesting. Watches the bigger fellows and then tries to copy them. A tough street-cat environment full of asphalt was his birthplace, and he's learned what's important to survive: being cute and playing!


UPPALI, King of the Kats, in a relaxed moment, one of many. Most cats feel compelled to get all formal with ramrod posture, etc., when they line up their paws, as though someone with a camera were following them all the time (instead of most of the time, like me). Uppali writes his own rules. Paws look like they just got a new coat of white cat shoe polish.Uppali is a silver tabby from the Santa Ysabel Native American reservation in San Diego County, now resident in the state of Kerala in India. There is a rumor that all cats in India worship the elephant god Ganesha, simply because he has a mouse and loves sweets. Reasons enough.

Friday, October 16, 2009


MUBOO, the boy in the brother-sister team Muboo-Foobu, is one of those extra-special ones, a bit uncannily like a person and fascinated with the human face. Experiencing a Muboo is a privilege we know we couldn't possibly have earned, but we'll take it! Look for the butterfly on the head. Maybe that's a sign that an angel on paws has flown into your life, as his sister has similar qualities (a cuddler #1 also).


Here's how you do it: Get in a place where you'll look good. Stretch out and close your eyes. Dream about a fish dinner, and if you live at the Animal Ashram in Cochin, it's likely to come true. Tell all your friends.* Everyone seems headed here!

*On second thought, I, Papadi, would rather everyone else but my sister Soan and best cat friend Nerji go somewhere else and we'll deal with the fish surplus here. Thanks.
Soan (girl cat on right): "I'M ALWAYS GETTING THESE HEADACHES, AND I CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHY! They start on the right side just over the eye. Then suddenly they're gone. What do you advise? Getting rid of my brother Papadi?! You gotta be kidding! What is Soan without Papadi*?"

*Soan Papadi is a famous flaky North Indian sweet.


WHY BOTHER PICKING UP BABY KITTENS? Here's a good answer: Soan (f., right) and Papadi (m.), now growing up into their gorgeous teens. We have not really seen any sign that cats know how decorative they are, which is one of a millon reasons we love them!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

WOOTSER! You've GROWN! Congratulations. Elsewhere on this blog you'll see him as a little blob of black fluff. Now, here's what can happen! Wootser is also know as Wootsie, Woots, Dracula, and Sucky Sucker, the latter due to a kittenhood habit that still persists of sucking human elbowpits (mother substitute) until he falls into a trance with his oh-so-watermelon-colored tongue out and goes to sleep.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


FIRST, you put your two feet close up tight ... no, no, no, those are the lyrics to a song much older than this cat boy. First, you brace your rear feet against one chair leg, then you push your head hard against the opposite leg, and presto, no headache. If you wedge yourself right in there, cat physics will do the rest while you relax. Another clever cat contribution to stress management. Thank you, Uppali the Silver Tabby.