Monday, January 3, 2011


BOX TOO SMALL OR KITTEN TOO BIG? Mauvi was the first kitten to join our Animal Ashram after the plague of July, going first into quarantine in our office for a month. After showing signs of nothing but naughtiness, he was slated to go to the Big House, but was already a fixture as Office Cat, the first. Photo by Byron Aihara.


IF HE LOOKS LIKE TROUBLE that's only half right. The rest is he's too smart; for example, Mauvi came by himself to the front gate. He was named by Greshma, the name not having any particular meaning but it fit. Mauvi is our first office cat, and is able rate all employees by their intelligence in eating fish or not for lunch. He's good on computers. His mentor, Byron, is shown here (finger) training him in the classic command "Stay!" This he is doing only because he wants to look at the camera. Makes funny growling noises, and moves like lightening to any door leading to trees. Photo by Byron Aihara.