Wednesday, December 29, 2010


HOW MUCH can a cat caretaker compensate their kitties for having to live indoors? Of course, the first compensation is a longer life full of love and cat food, free of crippling cat fights and car accidents. But, in addition, you can provide windowsill-high tables with pillows around the house so the outside world can be viewed in comfort. Monthly, put a cardboard box in a room. Occasionally, leave a closet open. Put an old boot on its side under the bed. Bring a piece of KFC home every once in awhile and take off the fried crust. And here's something fancy: Train it to walk on a leash! Yes, many do, after the initial antics of winding themselves up in it. Practice around the house first, then on the front walk. Don't give up with the first scared reaction. It's a pleasure, once learned, that lasts a lifetime. Figuring out lifestyle enhancers for your cats is very rewarding, and of course, the greatest enhancer is another pal cat. The behavior of little kittens is least threatening to an older cat as they don't take rebuffs personally at a young age, and in time the big one can accept the newcomer/s better. Another good companion for a grown single cat can be a wonderful older homeless doggie from a shelter who is cat friendly.