Saturday, April 4, 2009


INTRODUCING wOOtie! An infitesimally small and nervy black kitten badly photographed in an impossible attempt to capture a fraction of his charming, about-two-weeks-old, fast-moving essence.

wOOtie in his first handbag. "This is an amazing experience," he said.

wOOtie and a non-cat, Suwannee. He is thinking maybe he shouldn't stare at her and, also, moving over a little to the right might be "good."

wOOtie makes a decision ... and the right one! It's amazing to see such wisdom in a newborn fluffball. Note slightly more accepting look in Chihuahua face.


wOOtie is caught here trying not to get caught as he practices the sideways getaway. Grabbing wOOtie is like holding onto a large, hairy piece of overcooked pasta, boneless and so soft.