Tuesday, July 14, 2009


THIS IS HIM AND THAT IS HER, HER BODY IS ON THE RIGHT (Suboo) AND HEAD ON THE LEFT, AND HIS (Toobu) HEAD IS ON THE RIGHT AND ... Oh, what does it matter?! The point is it's cozy when your sibling feels exactly the same as you do, and shows it!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Q. Who in this photo is not a cat ? A. It's that kind of so-called funny question that has earned Chihuahuas their reputation of being vicious, dangerous dogs. Here, we have Tuboo (l., male) and Soobu (r., female) making a Chihuahua sandwich out of Suwannee, ever alert for insults from anyone. Notice the animal-friendly upholstery, which couldn't look worse no matter what the four-footers do to it, its various components having been replaced haram-scaram after "accidents."

Friday, July 10, 2009


MOOBU and FUBOO (left, m., and right, f.) have their favorite actors just like anyone else. And they follow them closely. Probably would only recognize them in public by the tops of their heads.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

SOME GUYS LIKE TO WEAR CHAINS, SOME LIKE TO EAT THEM! Moobu's in his play box, looking cute as hell as usual, and breaking off his teeth, which is okay with us, pin-cushioned as we have become after raising four litters in a row. Mooie is a lovely boy, a love-bug type and cuddler who has no interest in stalking anybody. Let's hear it for MOOBU!
AFTER A HARD DAY ON THE SOFA, it's good to catch a little TV, see what's on for animals. Viewing it from the front like people is too easy and, besides, on a cool day a warm tummy from the tube feels good. Here, MOOBU and FUBOO point out a cat in a commercial to SUBOO and TOOBU still on their easy chair, who depend on M/F to alert them to a good show.

wOOtie, also known as WOOTSER, was a standout from day 1, a born individualist who obviously knew who he was. Only we were confused. He seemed like a pacifist but growled at his first meal of chicken like it was his own prey. I mean, we paid for it in a store. He has a distinctive three-level descending growl. He sucks elbow pits under the illusion they are some part of his wayward mom, then after coming out of the subsequent trance induced thereby, leaves his tongue sticking out a bit. He has a Siamese face, even though he is a Malayali, and like the Siamese, has a big voice when he wants out of a room. Very cuddly and a good bedfellow, not prone to endless readjustments like most cats we could name. You're a piece of work, Wootser!

WOOTIE, left, and MOOBU, what's left, have been chums since the start of their residency on Ashram Lane. Wootie was the late-comer, but Moobu and sister Fuboo still welcomed him into their little circle at about age 2 weeks. Took him a couple of weeks to get big enough to properly play with them, but he figured out how to have fun fast!



YYFUBOO!YYBorn to be cute, a Hallmark card candidate, that's little Fuboo, sister of Moobu---two exceptionally loving characters. Fuboo is very kissy and rubby, won't take no for an answer in that department. A great future ahead for this little miss, who has an innate fondness for human noses.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


MOOBU was just watching TV from the top of the set when, suddenly, this elephant, Guruvayur Kesavan by name, appeared on the wall. Next step was to ignore it and never look that way again. But those teeth certainly don't look very functional for eating fish.